Kavulich: Area volunteer fire & EMS companies get $231,000 in state grants

HARRISBURG, April 20 – State Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, D-Lackawanna, said volunteer fire and ambulance companies serving his constituents will get $231,079 in funding from the state’s Fire Company, Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program.

"Our volunteer fire and EMS companies save taxpayers millions in taxes and insurance costs, but more importantly, the men and women who volunteer risk their lives and spend their personal time to protect their communities," Kavulich said. "Our volunteers deserve all the help we can give them, and that’s why I’m proud to support this grant program, and I’ll do what I can to expand the program even more in the future."

Kavulich said the grants in his district include:

  • Carbondale Fire Department                                           $13,790
  • Clarks Summit Fire Co. 1 Inc. EMS                                 $7,202
  • Clarks Summit Fire Co. 1 Inc.                                          $13,790
  • Cottage Hose Company No. 2                                         $12,423
  • Cottage Hose Ambulance Corps Inc.                               $13,334
  • Crystal Fire Company No. 1                                             $13,106
  • Dive Rescue Specialists, Inc.                                           $13,562
  • Eagle McClure Hose Company Num. 1 Station 93-3       $13,790
  • Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company                $13,562
  • Greenfield Township Volunteer Fire Company EMS       $7,202
  • Greenwood Hose Co. No. 1                                             $13,790
  • Justus Volunteer Fire Company                                       $11,967
  • Justus Volunteer Fire Company EMS                              $7,202
  • Lawrence Hose Company No. 1                                      $13,106
  • Mayfield Hose Company Engine #1                                 $12,878
  • Taylor Hose & Engine Co. 1                                             $11,739
  • Taylor Fire and Rescue                                                    $13,562
  • Whitmore Hose Co.                                                          $12,423
  • Whites Crossing Hose Co.                                               $12,651

Since 2011, the state-funded grant program has allocated $30 million per year statewide and enables eligible volunteer fire, ambulance and rescue companies to apply for funding to purchase protective gear for volunteers, pay for training and certification of volunteers, purchase or repair equipment, or help pay to build and maintain facilities.