Kavulich hosts Policy Committee hearing on financial health of Pa. Turnpike

MOOSIC, Sept. 7 – The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s ongoing toll hikes and uncollected E-ZPass revenue were some of the topics of state Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich’s House Democratic Policy Committee hearing today in Moosic.

Kavulich said he wanted to host a hearing on the turnpike’s financial health to determine if the legislature could make changes to the turnpike’s structure to help protect drivers.   

“The financial cause and effect is getting out of hand because not only are drivers in the commonwealth paying for it, but those either traveling through or stopping to visit in Pennsylvania pay as well,” Kavulich said. “We should find solutions to either slow down or stop the growing financial problems to possibly help the state’s turnpike system.”

“Thank you to Representative Kavulich for hosting this hearing to discuss the turnpike’s fiscal well-being,” said Rep. Mike Sturla, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee. “The Pennsylvania Turnpike has provided a faster route across the state for nearly 80 years. It’s important that we continue to monitor operations to ensure things are being run as efficiently as possible.” 

Testifiers included Mark Compton, chief executive officer, Pennsylvania Turnpike; Craig Shuey, chief operating officer, Pennsylvania Turnpike; and Keith Williams, traffic engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Kavulich noted his hearing comes one day after Auditor General Eugene DePasquale released his findings on an audit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The results can be found here