Keller votes against ‘sham’ Republican budget plan

HARRISBURG, June 27 – State Rep. Bill Keller, D-Phila., issued the following statement after the 2015-16 Republican state budget plan passed the House today:

“The Republican budget represents more of the previous administration’s failed policies and disastrous cuts. Once again, it kicks the can down the road and doesn’t address the most pressing problems facing Pennsylvania today. Pennsylvanians were very clear last fall that they wanted the state to head in a new direction, but unfortunately, with the Republican budget plan, we’re seeing more of the same.

“The plan does nothing to help our students in Philadelphia, who have gone without badly needed resources for years. It also ignores the needs of taxpayers, who have signaled that they want property tax relief. It’s time to make some serious changes in Pennsylvania, but they won’t occur under the Republicans’ plan.

“Ultimately, I could not support this plan, which so widely misses the mark. I am confident the governor will see through the smoke and mirrors and call this plan what it is: another sham.”