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Kinsey announces $1.2 million grant to help redevelop Logan Triangle

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Kinsey Celebrates Kappa Alpha Psi Day

(Oct 25, 2016)

Pennsylvania Grant and Resource Directory

(Oct 19, 2016)

Rep Kinsey: Philadelphia Parking Authority needs to rid itself of state control

(Oct 19, 2016)

Kinsey announces $2 million for Logan Pointe road improvements

(Oct 17, 2016)

Rep. Kinsey pleased with $1 million grant to Eye Institute

(Oct 14, 2016)

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives adopts Kinsey/Donatucci Emergency Preparedness Resolution

(Sep 27, 2016)
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Kinsey: Direct Care Workers Support Our Seniors

(Sep 21, 2016)

House adopts Kinsey resolution honoring caretakers

(Sep 21, 2016)

Reps Kinsey and Dawkins hear testimony to extend parole eligibility for life sentences

(Sep 13, 2016)

Kinsey: Project Hydration is underway

(Jul 19, 2016)