Run of oppressive heat sparks water deliveries to first responders, seniors

PHILADELPHIA, July 24 – July and August are the hottest months of the year, so the prospect of hot-weather injuries continues to exist, said state Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., who will kick off bottled-water deliveries with local elected officials to police officers, firefighters and senior citizens across the 201st Legislative District.  

"There is the threat of heat injury and we want to take precautions keeping local residents equipped with water," Kinsey said. "We have folks without air conditioning, seniors who have difficulties withstanding the heat, and people out there working in the hot sun. People need reminded to drink plenty of water, take breaks and find cool shelter when working or playing outside for long periods of time."

Kinsey will be delivering more than 5,000 bottles of water to area residents and sharing tips on how to beat the heat, such as:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and do not overexert yourself.
  • Try to stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Check on elderly friends and neighbors, and those with medical conditions. For additional help, call the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging Senior Helpline at 215-765-9040.
  • Know the City of Philadelphia "Cooling Centers" at
  • Register at to receive emergency alerts for when temperatures spike and other emergencies strike.

Kinsey also said that he encourages seniors in need of water to contact his office at 215-849-6592.