House adopts Madden’s proposal for swift transfer of student’s school records

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today unanimously adopted an amendment authored by state Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, that would require schools to provide a timely transfer of students’ records to another school.


Madden’s amendment covers students who transfer to another public school, including charter schools, or a nonpublic school.


“My amendment protects students and their families regardless of their choice of school,” Madden said.


The proposal was adopted into H.B. 97, which is expected to be voted on final passage when the House returns to session Monday.


Madden said it is necessary that a student be provided continuity in their education program and her proposal ensures that a student’s records are transferred within 10 days from the school’s request for those records.


The Monroe County lawmaker said the school would also need to evaluate the student’s needs and place him or her in the appropriate academic program, and provide a complete and accurate record of academic and attendance records.


“I am hopeful that our schools will have more accountability because records provide proof and they also provide data that reveal students’ learning performance, which are vital to an educational system’s information cycle,” Madden said.


Madden represents the 115th Legislative District.