Rep. Dan Miller
42nd Legislative District
Allegheny County

As the eldest child of Italian and English immigrants, Dan was the first member of his family born in America. Raised by a single mom from an early age, finances were often challenging. Even so, his family instilled in him a strong appreciation and recognition of the special opportunities America offers. As a result, Dan has made public service an important part of his life.

He enlisted in the Army National Guard after high school. While his military service was cut short due to a severe ankle injury, he found another way to engage in national service. As a Team Leader in the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corp (often referenced as a domestic Peace Corps), he would lead a team of people in community-building projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Dan also served as the director of a non-profit summer camp for children. Many of the kids came from underprivileged backgrounds. Dan himself was a beneficiary of the camp when growing up. While in law school, he chaired a public interest auction that raised money to support students pursuing service-based internships. He earned a community service award for organizing student volunteer efforts.

In 2002, Dan and his wife, Kim, moved to Mt. Lebanon. It would not be long before he would join the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter. In 2011, he was awarded the Medal of Merit for his attempt to save the life of a three-year-old child from a devastating house fire. Dan also has volunteered twice to coach his son's soccer teams, is a PTA member, and a supporter of the Historical Society of Mt. Lebanon.

Dan earned undergraduate degrees in education and history and was a substitute teacher while awaiting his entry into AmeriCorps. After graduating with a law degree from Catholic University, Dan decided to serve the community as an Allegheny County Public Defender. Assigned chiefly to the Juvenile Division, Dan worked hard to represent kids and help lead them out of trouble.

Wishing to make a greater impact on the lives of children, Dan later became an Assistant County Solicitor. In this role he works to make sure kids are safe in their homes and receive a proper education. Through this work the need for family-sustaining jobs, quality education, and mental health services are regularly reinforced.

Dan currently serves as a board member of Outreach Teen and Family Services, a community organization that fosters emotionally healthy teens by providing counseling and educational programs.