The SCOTUS Janus decision threatens ALL workers and their families

House Democrats stand with workers. We stand with #Unions. We stand for fairness.

Today's Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 threatens worker rights and all working families. The ruling chips away at the ability of working people to join together in strong unions to advocate for themselves and their fellow workers.

For working men and women, real freedom and "right to work" should mean the right to earn fair pay for your hard work so you can support you family, and the freedom to not have to struggle paycheck to paycheck to live and retire with dignity.

The National Right to Work Foundation is part of a network funded by corporate billionaires who are trying to use Congress, state legislatures and the courts to rig the system against working people. For decades, these wealthy special interests have used their massive fortunes to gain influence in government and erode the gains working people have made over the past 75 years -- gains like the 40-hour work week, fair wages and overtime pay, and safe workplaces.  

Now these wealthy special interests have convinced the highest court in the land that it's OK to undermine unions in order to undercut those worker gains.  

That's why it's time for responsible leaders to stand up for working people, their rights and their families.

It's why working families are the foundation of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus' Plan for PA. The Plan for PA is focused on strengthening working people and the middle class, not CEOs and the 1 percent. The Plan for PA calls for fair budgets that support schools and community services, and fixing our upside-down tax structure so it doesn't just benefit corporations and the wealthy.

It calls for higher wages and better working conditions for working people and for access to affordable health care and financial security while you are working and after you retire.

And it calls for improved investment in education, training and infrastructure so we can attract and support good jobs and families, and grow the middle class. House Democrats believe it's time for Pennsylvania to strengthen worker protections and lower barriers to joining unions and supporting other worker organizations.

The Janus decision is something corporations having been pushing for years to cripple unions and curtail the important work they do for their members. And when unions no longer have the means to fight for their members, they'll no longer be able to fight for good jobs, fair wages and safe workplaces for all workers.

Janus creates a path for weakening all unions and hurting all workers. House Democrats are committed to supporting working people and their families -- the real backbone of our communities, our state and our economic success.

House Democrats stand with workers. We stand with #Unions. We stand for fairness.