State Rep. Frank Dermody
House Democratic Leader


Dermody fears private Lottery scheme is losing gamble for seniors


HARRISBURG, Nov. 9 – House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody sees no compelling reason for the administration of Gov. Tom Corbett to pursue an attempt to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery.


“There are still many questions. While we appreciate the effort to fill in some of the blanks with information released today, the governor has failed to answer the biggest question of all,” Dermody said.


“Why is Governor Corbett so intent on privatizing a lottery that has been a national model for decades and just delivered a record $1 billion to programs that help older Pennsylvanians?


“The Pennsylvania Lottery just had its best financial year ever and lottery revenue has been more reliable and predictable over the years than almost any other revenue source in state government,” Dermody said. “That happened under the steady and successful management of the Lottery by state employees, who kept administrative costs at some of the lowest levels in the nation.


“No corporate operator can guarantee the same low overhead costs, and every future dollar that goes to a private management company is a dollar taken away from critical senior programs like PACE, shared rides, and rent rebates,” he said.


“All Pennsylvania Lottery profits go back into programs for older Pennsylvanians, not into the pockets of corporate shareholders. That’s the way it should be. Why mess with a proven record of success?”