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State Rep. Tim Mahoney



Mahoney warns senior citizens of

mail solicitation regarding benefits


HARRISBURG, May 23 – State Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-Fayette, is alerting senior citizens in his legislative district that their federal Social Security benefits will not be affected if the U.S. House of Representatives does not pass a House resolution (H.R. 368) that would provide a lump-sum payment to so-called Social Security “notch victims.” 


Mahoney said senior citizens have been receiving mail from a group affiliated with the Retired Enlisted Senior Citizens League of Washington, D.C. asking them to add their names to a Notch Settlement Petition to Congress and to donate money to the organization.


Mahoney said seniors who are affected by the “notch” do not have to sign up to receive a settlement should Congress pass the resolution, nor will their current Social Security payment be affected if the legislation is not passed.


“I want to make sure that senior citizens know that they do not have to add their name to any list or donate money to any organization to be eligible for a settlement if one is approved, and that their current Social Security benefit will not decrease regardless of the outcome of House Resolution 368 or similar legislation in Congress,” Mahoney said.  


Mahoney said senior citizens who were born between the years 1917 through 1926 are commonly referred to as the “notch generation” because their Social Security benefits are calculated differently than other beneficiaries due to a change in the benefit formula enacted by Congress in the 1970s.


Groups such as the one sending mail to seniors in his legislative district are pushing for legislation that would provide these Social Security recipients with compensation for the supposedly lower Social Security benefits they receive under the old formula.  


Mahoney urged seniors to contact the Social Security Administration with any questions they have about the “notch” or any other issue involving Social Security.