State Rep. Mike Sturla

Chairman, Democratic Policy Committee



Democratic Policy Committee examines health care changes in Pa.


PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 23 – The House Democratic Policy Committee held a public hearing today at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia to examine recent health care changes in Pennsylvania, according to Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster.


The hearing focused on the adultBasic situation as well as recent legislative efforts to prevent federal health care reform from occurring in Pennsylvania. House Health Committee Democratic Chairman John Myers, D-Phila., was also in attendance.


"It has become clear that the House Republicans intend to drive legislation that will significantly cut accessible and affordable health care for Pennsylvanians as quickly as possible, with as little public input as possible, while often circumventing the traditional committee review," Sturla said. "If the majority party doesn't intend to shed light on some of the controversial proposals they're backing, the Democratic Policy Committee will happily step in and return the voice to the people of Pennsylvania."


Myers added, "Ending adultBasic is an entirely avoidable tragedy. Before so easily dismissing this program that thousands of Pennsylvanians rely upon for affording basic health care, Governor Corbett and Republicans should at least have explored ways of saving it and at least entered into negotiations for resources that have historically supported this vital program. This is further proof of the need to bring in health care reform which is self-sustaining and would not create this uncertainty and pain for families and fiscal handicap for hospital and people who pay health insurance premiums.”


Those testifying included Antoinette Kraus, project director, Pennsylvania Health Access Network; John Elliott Churchville, interim president, The Greater Germantown Business Association, Inc.; Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, president, National Physicians’ Alliance; Ann Bacharach, special projects director, Pennsylvania Health Law Project; and Jonathan Stein, general counsel, Community Legal Services.


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