State Rep. Mike Sturla

Chairman, Democratic Policy Committee

State Rep. Mark Cohen


Hearing Co-Chairman



HDPC examines proposed cuts to human services budget


HARRISBURG, May 26 The House Democratic Policy Committee today held a public hearing at the state Capitol to examine the budget cuts proposed to human services in Pennsylvania.


State Rep. Mark Cohen, D-Phila., chairman of the House Human Services Committee, led the hearing.


"The devastating cuts passed in the state House this week as part of the Republican-sponsored budget will be detrimental to communities across our Commonwealth," said Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster. "Representative Cohen has been a longtime advocate of human services programs and a leader in the fight to restore funding in this year's spending plan. I applaud him for the timeliness of this hearing to fully investigate the effects of these cuts."


Cohen added: "The health care and human services budget approved by House Republicans this week is pennywise, pound foolish. We have broken our deal with hospitals and fail to recognize that reducing payments to hospitals hurts everyone, including private payers as well as employer-provided insurance programs, as hospitals are forced to shift costs. We need to maintain our health care infrastructure and ensure that all Pennsylvanians receive needed care."


Those testifying at the hearing included Deb Beck, president, Drug and Alcohol Providers of PA; Ilene Shane, CEO, Disability Rights Network of PA; Tony Ross, president and CEO, United Way of PA; Paula Bussard, senior vice president of Policy and Regulatory Services, The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of PA; and Brinda Carroll Penyak, deputy executive director, County Commissioners Association of PA.


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