State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski



Governor signs Pashinski scrap metal bill


HARRISBURG, Jan. 22 Gov. Ed Rendell today held a ceremonial bill signing for legislation introduced by state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, that is designed to allow law enforcement to better track the illegal trade in scrap metal, and reduce scrap-metal theft in Pennsylvania.


"I am pleased that this important legislation is now law in Pennsylvania," Pashinski said. "With the value of metal commodities increasing, it is important to give law enforcement officials the tools they need to track down and prosecute people who trade in stolen scrap metals from places like churches and cemeteries."


Under the new law (Act 113 of 2008), scrap processors and recycling facilities must maintain records on all transactions of more than $100 and keep those records for two years. The records must include a photocopy of the seller's driver's license, the license plate number of the seller's vehicle, a description of the material purchased, the weight of the material and amount paid for it.


In addition, the law prohibits scrap processors and recycling facility operators from purchasing certain materials other than from commercial sellers. Those materials include items that are often stolen and illegally sold to scrap processors, such as beer kegs and detached catalytic converters.


Pashinski said scrap metal dealers that violate the law can be fined $2,500 for a first offense. Subsequent offense would be considered a third-degree misdemeanor.


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