State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski



House passes Pashinski liquid fuels bill


HARRISBURG, June 9 State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D- Luzerne, said the House of Representatives passed a bill today (H.B. 1151) that would help many municipalities in Pennsylvania save money on the cost of maintenance and electricity to run their streetlights.


The bill would adjust the guidelines of Pennsylvania's Liquid Fuels Tax law, which sets the amount of this state tax allocated to local governments and what they can use the money for.


Pashinski said the state refunds a portion of the Liquid Fuels Tax to local governments according to their miles of eligible highway and population. The tax proceeds may be used to fund or pay down debt on eligible road and bridge construction and maintenance projects.


Currently, municipalities that receive Liquid Fuels Tax funds and that issue bonds to help cover the cost of road improvement projects must use all of the proceeds from those bonds for the road projects. The Luzerne County lawmaker said his bill would expand the ability of municipalities that receive Liquid Fuels Tax money to use a portion of the bonds they issue to pay off debt related to road repairs.


The municipalities would use still use their Liquid Fuels Tax revenue to pay the portion of the bond debt that's related to road projects.


Pashinski said the change in law would allow many communities to participate in a program that would help reduce the cost of maintaining and powering street lights.


"PennDOT has determined that municipalities that receive liquid fuels tax money cannot issue bonds to help pay for this program under current state law," Pashinski said. "My bill would change the law to allow for participation in the program -- and significant cost savings -- for local governments and their taxpayers."


Pashinski said he is hopeful the legislation will soon be considered in the Senate.