State Rep. Kevin Boyle



Rep. Kevin Boyle introduces legislation to require

reporting abuse to proper authorities


HARRISBURG, Nov. 14 State Rep. Kevin Boyle today announced that he has introduced legislation (H.B. 1990) aimed at ensuring that people who witness the abuse of a child report it to law enforcement.


"Last week, I announced my intention to introduce legislation strengthening Pennsylvania's abuse reporting law in light of the alleged child sex abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University," said Boyle, D-Phila. "Today, I have made good on that promise by introducing H.B. 1990, which would require those who are aware of abuse to report it to law enforcement."


Boyle's legislation would change current law so that staff members of institutions must immediately notify law enforcement.


Current law only requires that the abuse be reported to the person in charge of the institution, school, facility or agency or the designated agent of the person in charge.


"The current system is clearly inadequate and failed the alleged victims in the Penn State case," Boyle said. "My legislation would fix that system and protect future victims from the same fate. I am urging my colleagues in the House to take swift action on this bill."