State Rep. John P. Sabatina, Jr.


Sabatina measure would authorize House, Senate offices to issue voter ID


HARRISBURG, Sept. 13 – State Rep. John Sabatina, D-Phila., intends to introduce legislation that would allow members of the state House and Senate to issue photo voter identification cards for voting purposes.


“My constituent service offices are conveniently located and easy for constituents to visit. The regional PennDOT office is not,” Sabatina said. “By allowing the House and Senate constituent service offices to issue voter ID cards, we are ensuring that every registered voter has the opportunity to obtain the proper identification they need to vote in time for the general election.”


The identification proposed by Sabatina would be similar to the identification cards issued by an institution of higher learning or a care facility, two of the types of identification deemed acceptable under the voter ID law. The IDs would contain a photograph of the voter, voter’s name and expiration date.


Sabatina encourages residents to contact his constituent service offices or visit his website,, for assistance with obtaining a valid ID for voting purposes.