State Rep. Cherelle L. Parker


Parker disappointed and concerned about Corbett budget


HARRISBURG, Feb. 7 State Rep. Cherelle L. Parker, D-Phila., today said she is disappointed but not terribly surprised by the 21012-13 budget proposal offered by Gov. Corbett to the General Assembly this morning.

"Corbett is continuing his assault on public education by eliminating the $100 million Accountability Block Grant program less than a year after he and the Republicans cut $900 million from basic education funding," Parker said. The Accountability Block Grant program helps schools provide pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten programs and reduce class size in early grades.


Corbett also proposed cutting funding for state-owned universities, such as Cheyney and West Chester, by 20 percent, and state-related universities, including Temple, by 30 percent. That comes on the heels of budget cuts that that forced state-owned universities to increase tuition by 7.5 percent for this school year. "Although there are no proposed cuts to Lincoln University this year, they are still reeling from the 24 percent cut in state funding it faced this past year," Parker said. Community colleges were cut another 5 percent, as were PHEAA grants.


"I understand that revenues are tight but they do not need to be as bad as they are," Parker said. "The governor continues to ignore the choices available to us to increase revenue, such as closing the so-called Delaware Loophole, which allows business to avoid paying its fair share. Instead of going after consumers to pay the sales taxes on internet purchases, why isn't the governor mandating that businesses making the sale, collect those taxes upfront and submit them to the state?

"Instead he is going after the most vulnerable in our society," Parker said, "with his attacks on women, children, seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. The governor is taking giant backward steps in the funding of education at all levels, and he is allowing multibillion dollar companies to ride roughshod over us all," Parker said.




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