Rep. Cherelle L. Parker
200th Legislative District
Philadelphia County
Utility Assistance Programs


Cap Rate: a discounted residential tariff rate for low-income customers within the PECO service territory. The percentage of discount is based on the gross household income of the customer. For more information and to find out if you are eligible, call 1-800-774-7040.

CARES: the Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Services program is a referral and information service designed to assist special needs, local income customers who have a temporary personal or financial hardship that prevents the payment of a utility bill. Call 1-800-774-7040 to determine if your household qualifies for the CARES program.

LIHEAP: a federal program that provides assistance to individuals who need assistance paying their electric, natural gas or other energy bills. LIHEAP also has money allocated for emergencies, including reinstating service that has been shut off for non-payment, and repairing leaking pipes and broken furnaces. Homeowners, renters, roomers and subsidized housing tenants may be eligible. To see if you are eligible, please call 1-800-34-HELP-4 (1-800-344-3574).

LIURP: The Low Income Usage Reduction Program offers usage reduction services and education to reduce the amount of electricity and natural gas you use in your home. This free program is available to qualified, low-income PECO customers. Your annual total household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. If you believe you may meet the eligibility qualifications and would like to learn more about LIURP, please call, 1-800-675-0222.

MEAF: the Matching Energy Assistance Fund is a program that enables PECO to assist low-income, residential customers in the PECO service area with bill payment. MEAF is a customer pledge program in which PECO matches the contributions made by PECO customers. To determine if your household qualifies for assistance, call 1-800-774-7040.


CARES: the Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Services program is a program designed to help customers with special needs pay their utility bills. Examples of special need customers include those experiencing family emergencies, divorce, unemployment, medical emergencies, and protection from abuse orders. For more information about the program, call 215-235-1000.

Crisis: a federal grant program designed to help pay for heating costs during a heating emergency because service is shut off or threatened to be shut off. The maximum crisis grant is $300. Additional information is available by calling the PGW LIHEAP hotline at 215-787-HEAT (4328).

Customer Responsibility: a PGW program to provide assistance to low-income customers so they can better afford their PGW bills and maintain their gas service. The program provides discounted bills for eligible residential customers. Customers pay a budget amount based on household size and gross household income. For additional information, call 215-684-6100.

LIHEAP: a federal grant program that provides assistance to individuals who need help paying their energy bills. The grant amount is determined by household size and income. The minimum grant is $100; the maximum grant is $1,000. To hear additional pre-recorded information, please call the PGW LIHEAP hotline at 215-787-HEAT (4328).

Utility Emergency Services Fund: a grant program available to income-eligible customers whose service has been terminated and those who have received a shut off notice. The program helps pay the balance of the bill. For additional information, call the PGW LIHEAP hotline at 215-787-HEAT (4328) or visit

Philadelphia Water Department

Senior Citizen's Discount: Resident who are 65 and older may qualify for a 25% discount on their monthly water bills. Annual household income must not exceed $30,500. For additional information, call 215-686-6880.

Utilities Emergency Services Fund: a non-profit organization that provides cash assistance to income-eligible households in order to prevent utility shutoffs for water, gas, or electric. For additional information, call 215-972-5170.