House Democrats want to protect your health and quality of life, and help you enjoy a retirement with dignity, security and the freedom you deserve. It’s time we change the rules so that the rights of all Pennsylvanians are protected; not just the privileges of special interests and those at the top.


  • Ensure that everyone who works full time earns a living wage. Increasing the minimum wage and reforming how it is applied would put more money in the hands of Pennsylvanians working to afford rent, groceries and other necessities, and would ensure a Pennsylvania that works for ALL of us, not just the wealthy few.
  • All working people in Pennsylvania should earn equal pay for equal work. This bill would prohibit the payment of different wages to employees based on their gender for the same or comparable job.

Family Life

  • One of the greatest financial burdens on our working families is the rising cost of child care. Our plan makes sure working parents have safe, affordable care for their children. H.B. 2035 would provide a dollar for dollar childcare tax deduction of up to $10,000 annually on state income tax returns to help offset the cost of child care.
  • Working families should not have to choose between losing a day's pay and going to work ill -- and risking the spread of illness to others -- or caring for a sick child. H.B. 701 would ensure all workers are given the opportunity to earn some sick leave so they can take care of their own medical needs or the medical needs of their family. A healthy workforce is good for employer's bottom lines, too.
  • Help young workers and families save to buy their first home with a savings account program in which the money they set aside for a first home purchase can be deducted from their state income tax (H.B. 1981).

Health Care

  • Promote strong families and a strong economy with affordable health care for everyone.
  • Give people the power they need to manage their own health care and health records.
  • Help more sernior citizens afford their lifesaving medications by increasing income limits for prescription assistance.

Retirement Security

  • Give every working Pennsylvanian a safe and easy way to save for a secure retirement. H.B. 465 would provide private sector employees without access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan the opportunity to save for retirement through automatic payroll deduction.
  • Promote financial security and dignity for every Pennsylvanian when they reach old age. A bill is being drafted to establish a task force to study, assess, and report on the factors that affect Pennsylvanians’ ability to save for a financially secure retirement.