PennDOT to aggressively attack potholes, effects of long winter

As a result of the severe temperatures that occurred during the winter months, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is taking immediate action to rectify and repair potholes and weather-worn roadways across Pennsylvania, PennDOT announced.

The state has allocated $180 million to address this problem, with $22.3 million prioritized for immediate pothole repairs through June 30.  An additional $7 million will be invested in seven interstate maintenance projects covering potholes and other repairs to 78 miles of roads this year.

Through April, PennDOT used nearly 23,000 tons of asphalt repairing potholes statewide, over seven tons more than what was used through April 2017.

In total, PennDOT spent more than $17 million on pothole repairs through the end of April.

To report potholes and other roadway concerns on state routes, visit Motorists also can contact PennDOT’s toll-free hotline at 1-800-349-7623. When reporting potholes, drivers should be as specific as possible, providing PennDOT with the county, municipality, street name and state route number where the pothole is located.

The state route number can be found on small black-and-white signs posted along state highways.

Additional investments to address the effects of this year’s harsh winter include:

  • $30 million in transportation infrastructure investment funding for interstate improvements;
  • $60 million in PennDOT investments from interstate-project bid saving being reinvested in resurfacing; and
  • $62 million in additional funding for interstate preservation projects.

This funding will allow 17 interstate paving and preservation projects covering 255 miles to occur roughly two years sooner than expected, with projects beginning this year and next year.