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Pennsylvania House Democrats represent cities, suburban communities, small towns and rural areas across the state, but all share a common dedication to a core set of values that match the values and needs of Pennsylvania families and small businesses. Pennsylvania must start getting things done for working people, not continue to waste time on the enduring Republican agenda of partisan politics, making corporations richer and turning government over to the special interests.

The House Democratic Plan4PA offers a different vision for a new way forward. It features four components:

A People First #Plan4PA that protects the safety, health, financial security, and dignity and opportunity that every Pennsylvanian deserves, not just those at the top.

A Jobs #Plan4PA that attracts good jobs that support families, moves the economy forward, expands opportunities for working people, and protects the financial security of the middle class.

A Quality Schools #Plan4PA that gives every child access to a safe school and a quality education, and allows adults to gain the skills and training they need to do the jobs businesses are looking to fill. 

A Fair Taxes #Plan4PA that eases the tax burden on working people and homeowners and prevents corporations and the wealthy from exploiting the middle class. Corporations and the wealthy should pay their fair share to support schools, public health and safety, and community resources.

Together, we can turn our attention and efforts to the values and policies our residents have been asking us to focus on for years -- values and policies shared by House Democrats. With the Plan for PA, we can build a Pennsylvania that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

We invite you to join us in the effort. Contact your legislator and the legislative leaders who control the agenda. Tell them to put people first and enact legislation that matches the values of the House Democrats' Plan for Pennsylvania.

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August 17, 2018

Council of State Government reported that 2017 set the record for highest costs due to weather disasters in the US, totaling approximately $306 billion. The 2017 wildfires cost roughly $18 billion in damage, tripling the prior wildfire record.