January 9, 2012: Jobs

A testifier from Community Legal Services talks about how programs aimed at putting Pennsylvanians back to work were cut in Gov. Corbett's state budget.

Rep. Dom Costa, D-Allegheny, speaks with the media regarding a proposal in the state House that would create jobs in western Pennsylvania.

Rep. Dom Costa, D-Allegheny, asks a question about the number of unionized service workers in Pennsylvania's large cities.

Reps. Marc Gergely (right) and Bill Kortz (left), both D-Allegheny, co-chaired the hearing on jobs in McKeesport.

House Labor Relations Committee Chairman Bill Keller, who co-chaired the HDPC hearing on jobs, asks a question regarding job growth in the Commonwealth.

Democratic lawmakers from across the state attend a public hearing in western Pennsylvania to examine job retention and creation.

A representative from the Philadelphia AFL-CIO speaks about the union's national plan to spur job growth in the U.S.

A testifier offers his comments regarding the status of manufacturing jobs in the Mon Valley.