House unanimously adopts Readshaw resolution designating September 2018 as ‘Military Service Opportunity Month’

HARRISBURG, Sept. 26 – The House today unanimously adopted a resolution introduced by state Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, designating September 2018 as “Military Service Opportunity Month” in Pennsylvania.

“I introduced House Resolution 1059 to recognize the major contributions the U.S. military makes to the commonwealth’s educational system and students,” Readshaw said. “From programs on bullying, physical fitness and drug awareness, to curriculum-based programs in science, technology, engineering and math, military recruiters offer so much in the classroom.”

Readshaw said that as a veteran, he also hopes that his resolution will help make young Pennsylvanians aware of all that enlistment has to offer in terms of real-world experience and post-secondary pathways.

“After high school graduation, students who go on to enlist can benefit from a wealth of training and job opportunities,” Readshaw said. “Enlistees can gain specialized, real-world training in a wide range of fields – including medical, law enforcement, advanced cyber security, communications and network development, to name just a few.

“Of course, along with that training comes the kind of character-building experiences and life lessons that only military service can provide. They equip young men and women returning to civilian life with the confidence and know-how they need to take on any life or career challenge. It’s my hope that we can open more students’ eyes to all the incredible benefits military service has to offer.”

Joining Readshaw in the House chamber for the vote were Lt. Colonel Keith Bryant, commander, Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion; Lt. Colonel Christopher Duncan, battalion commander, Harrisburg Recruiting Station; and Mr. Bill Irwin, public affairs officer, Harrisburg Recruiting Station.

You can see a photo of the event here.