Roebuck, Kinsey, Harris hear testimony on state funding for Cheyney University at House Democratic Policy Committee

House Democratic Policy Committee hears testimony on Cheyney University funding

State Reps. Stephen Kinsey, Jordan Harris, and James Roebuck, all D-Phila., today heard testimony on state funding at Cheyney University during a House Democratic Policy Committee.

Kinsey had some concerns about the university’s financial stability because of declining enrollment.

“I am hoping that university officials could financially turn the school around because many students who are enrolled at the college come from Philadelphia and those students are primarily low-income,” Kinsey said. “It would be devastating if these college bound students would not have an opportunity to continue their education.’

Many students at the college believe that they are being punished for selecting certain major fields of study because of low class participation.

Roebuck, Democratic chairman of the House Education Committee, said, "I and several other members of the legislature have been working to raise awareness of the uniquely affordable opportunities available at Cheyney, in addition to our work to help the university achieve a sustainable future. Qualified Pennsylvania students can receive full scholarships for undergraduate education at Cheyney and/or for graduate school after their time at Cheyney."

Harris said concerns about the university did not happen overnight but are the result of inadequate treatment and state funding.

“Years of unequal funding have left Cheyney University strapped for money, and we find ourselves in danger of losing this historic African-American institution of higher learning whose contributions to our society are immeasurable,” Harris said.

“The state needs to understand how important Cheyney is and the role it serves and provide the support that it needs to be successful not just today, but for the future.”