The future of the Allentown State Hospital property is incredibly important for the 132nd district. I will continue to post news and updates on this page, as it becomes available.



Recently, I mailed the following letter to people living around the Allentown State Hospital Grounds to offer an update on the future of the Allentown State Hospital:

Dear Neighbor:
Recently the General Assembly approved and Governor Wolf signed legislation to allow for the sale of the Allentown State Hospital grounds. I believe it is my duty to keep you informed on the status of this highly visible anchor property on the East Side. 

I supported the legislation to allow for the sale of the Allentown State Hospital for a couple of reasons. Since before I took office, this status and future of the Allentown State Hospital has been a concern for residents. The buildings and property sitting vacant stand to attract unwanted activity and lead to problems associated with blight. I certainly want to prevent this from happening. Additionally, I am interested in a process that includes public meetings and conversation between neighbors and the possible buyer.  Finally, I believe the current regulations adopted by the City of Allentown provide adequate protections for neighbors to protect the quality of life expected for those living in this neighborhood.

The state has three years to come to an agreement with a buyer for the property. The buyer would need to comply with all local planning, zoning and code regulations which already exist.  During process of buying, there will be opportunities for public comment for matters that come before the Allentown Planning Commission, Allentown City Council and, if needed, the Allentown Zoning Hearing Board. The developers have also committed to holding public meetings to solicit input and hear any concerns.
Please know I am committed to supporting the sale as long as it enhances the quality of life of the East Side. I will actively oppose any use I see as undercutting the quality of life people living on the East Side expect and will oppose the sale to any buyer who makes such proposals.

If you are interested in receiving email updates on the sale of the Allentown State Hospital, please send your email address to You will only receive updates from my office related to official legislative matters.

Please keep an eye out for my Capitol Update Newsletter, my website  or on for periodic updates on the Allentown State Hospital.

Mike Schlossberg
132nd Legislative District
House of Representatives



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