Rep.-elect Tai joins call at state Capitol for gun safety reforms

HARRISBURG, May 22 – Newly elected state Rep.-elect Helen Tai, D-Bucks, will take the oath of office on June 5 but is wasting no time jumping in on the issues that are important to the people she represents, including ensuring safer communities.


In the midst of legislative briefings at the state Capitol today, Tai joined with Moms Demand Action, CeaseFire PA and other firearms safety groups in a call for action on legislation that would reduce gun violence and keep communities safe.


She said too many incidents of gun violence occur when guns are left at the fingertips of those who are in distress or who have a history of domestic abuse and violence.


“Ensuring safer communities through gun safety legislation is among my highest priorities, and it must be the highest priority of every member of our state legislature,” Tai said. “We cannot rest until commonsense gun safety legislation is enacted into law so that these now-all-too-common killings can be prevented and the people of our communities are safer. We must hold every lawmaker who is against this commonsense legislation accountable because, through their inaction, they share responsibility for these deaths.”



Tai, a member of Moms Demand Action, was with members of the group at the Capitol last year for a day of action to share their concerns about the lack of gun safety legislation being considered in the state legislature.


Among the reforms, she is supporting legislation (S.B. 501) that would remove third-party safekeeping as an option for a defendant ordered by the courts to relinquish their firearms in protection from abuse and domestic violence cases. Under the bill, such weapons could only be surrendered to the county sheriff, other law enforcement or to a federal firearms licensed dealer. The bill also would require domestic abusers to relinquish firearms within 48 hours, rather than the current 60 days.


In addition to legislation to address gun violence and safety, Tai said she is looking forward to working on the economic issues that impact the people she represents, including fair wages for working families, equal pay for women, accessible and affordable health care and better educational opportunities from pre-school through career and technical education.



Tai will take the oath of office during House session at the Capitol on Tuesday, June 5.