Vazquez welcomes CTC Wellness Foundation to the Capitol

HARRISBURG, April 9 – State Rep. Emilio Vazquez, D-Phila., today welcomed the CTC Wellness Foundation to the state Capitol to honor the foundation for creating the “Don’t Stall, Just Call” alcohol poisoning education program.

Following the death of her son Christian Ciammetti from alcohol poisoning, Mary Ciammetti created the “Don’t Stall, Just Call” program. This program aims to educate students and families on the dangers of binge drinking, the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and Pennsylvania’s medical amnesty law. The program has been presented to more than 13,000 people to date.

“I was excited to honor the CTC Wellness Foundation at our state Capitol for its commitment to ensuring that students and their families are equipped with the knowledge and resources to prevent alcohol-related deaths,” Vazquez said. “Mary Ciammetti was able to transform a personal tragedy into an educational movement for countless young people. I thank her for her commitment to keeping our children safe.”

To learn more about “Don’t Stall, Just Call” and for a list of safe drinking tips, you can visit the foundation's website here.