Rep. Ronald G. Waters
191st Legislative District
Delaware and Philadelphia counties

Waters introduces gun package at news conference

HARRISBURG, Feb. 6 – Todaystate Rep. Ronald G. Waters, D-Phila./Delaware, Democratic Caucus secretary, held a news conference to publicly announce a package of legislation designed to address gun violence in the commonwealth.

“I am encouraged to say that recent data shows what my colleagues and I have believed for a long time: legislation to curtail gun violence in Pennsylvania has the support of the public,” Waters said.

“Ninety-five percent of Pennsylvanians favor a universal background check for all potential gun buyers, 60 percent support an assault weapons ban, and 59 percent of citizens support a ban on high-capacity magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds,” he continued.

Waters cited a recent Quinnipiac poll that surveyed more than 1,200 voters across the state as evidence of growing support. He called on citizens to take action and voice their support of the legislation.

“I am here today to tell you that we can no longer afford to be silent. We need the majority to finally speak up for the smart gun laws that you have supported and to begin convincing your elected officials to take action,” Waters said.

Waters’ gun package includes the following legislation:

  • HB522, which would require neighborhood watch groups to register with the PA attorney general and attend public safety training provided by the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as grant these watch groups immunity from civil liability if they are registered with the PSP;
  • HB519, which would create the Child Fireman Safety Lock Act making it unlawful for a firearm licensee to sell, deliver, or transfer a firearm to a person other than another licensed firearm owner unless the transferee is provided with or purchases a locking device for that particular firearm;
  • HB520, which would mandate that judges impose a mandatory two-year sentence on a person convicted of carrying a firearm without a license. In addition, this the bill would require judges impose a six-month jail sentence on a person convicted of carrying a firearm without a license who is otherwise eligible to possess one;
  • HB521, which would require individuals to obtain firearm liability insurance if they possess a license to carry a firearm;
  • HB518, which would prohibit an individual from using force for the protection of property, an individual, or one’s own well-being or safety, if the person is either able to retreat or instructed by law enforcement or public safety officials not to pursue the suspect;
  • HB517, which would ban certain military-style assault weapons.



Ronald Waters

191st Legislative District
Delaware and Philadelphia counties
(215) 748-6712