Wheatley’s petition to legalize cannabis doubles after introducing legislation

Bill seeks to expunge records and release those jailed for cannabis-related crimes

HARRSIBURG, Oct. 5 – Since launching a petition in support of legalizing the adult-use of cannabis more than a month ago, 16,408 constituents have signed the proposal as of today, said state Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Allegheny.

Wheatley’s petition was posted on his webpage on Aug. 20. In September, Wheatley formerly introduced his cannabis legislation, H.B. 2600, and the number of signatures that were added to the petition nearly doubled from 8,222 in over a week.

“I’m pleased with the support, and it’s clear to me that Pennsylvanians agree that the recreational use and possession of cannabis among adults 21 or older should be legalized,” Wheatley said. “This legislation is important because it would also expunge the criminal histories of those jailed for crimes associated with cannabis, and stop the criminalization of minorities who are caught using it.”

The bill does not make it legal to use cannabis publicly, or drive under its influence. Wheatley said he will continue to push to have cannabis legalized this year and into the next legislative session.