Wheatley returns as Democratic chairman of House Finance Committee

Will continue to push for fair tax policy that works for all Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG, Jan. 7 – State Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Allegheny, will retain a top position on the influential state House Finance Committee, as he was today named its Democratic chairman for another two-year term.

“As chairman, I look forward to continuing the work that we began during the last legislative session toward creating a fair tax policy that works for all Pennsylvanians, one which encourages job creation and economic fairness today, while laying the groundwork for a prosperous economy and workforce for tomorrow,” Wheatley said. “I intend to continue to work closely with my counterpart, Representative Michael Peifer, to ensure that the voices and interests of all Pennsylvanians are represented in the deliberations of our committee, and to build on the strong culture of bipartisanship we have established.”

House committees review all legislation that affects their issue area, debate the merits of bills and make recommendations as to whether legislation should proceed to the House floor for further consideration. Among the initiatives Wheatley is interested in is a subcommittee to comprehensively review Pennsylvania’s tax policy, a program he has long advocated for. With its creation this year, Wheatley said he looks forward to helping guide that deliberative body towards its overall goals.

“We have a unique opportunity this session to enact real, lasting and positive change for the people and economy of this state,” Wheatley said. “It is my sincere hope that this special subcommittee will create a slate of policy proposals that will then receive a fair hearing and consideration by this legislature.”