Wheatley criticizes policy of separating families at U.S./Mexican border

HARRISBURG, June 21 – State Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Allegheny, released the following statement about President Trump’s immigration policies:

“As a father of three, I can't help but feel the hurt, pain, and anger of what's transpiring in our country today regarding the sanctioned human right violations as children are being ripped away from the arms of their parents simply because they seek a better life.

“As a lawmaker, I feel compelled to fight for those who are least capable of fighting for themselves. This is an issue where none of us can sit silently by and not take a stand.  Placing children in cages, separating families and condoning government-sanctioned abuses is intolerable and must be stopped immediately.

“I applaud Governor Wolf and those governors who refused to send troops to the border because of this unjust policy. I stand with the families and many of my colleagues to continue to demand an immediate change of our immigration laws.”  

Wheatley joined other legislators and organizations during a rally today in the Capitol Rotunda that denounced the actions of family separations at the border separating the United States and Mexico.