Do NOT privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery

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Governor Tom Corbett
House Majority Leader Michael Turzai
Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has now deemed illegal the contract the state entered into with United Kingdom-based Camelot Global Services to manage the Pennsylvania Lottery. I agree with her ruling.

It is irresponsible to privatize this state asset that has been a national model for decades and just delivered a record $1 billion to programs that help older Pennsylvanians. Every single lottery dollar diverted from PA Lottery profits to a for-profit management company is a dollar taken from programs that help seniors.

Please abandon all efforts to sell off this critical and valuable state asset! Instead, pass the House Democrats' legislation (H.B. 765) that would guarantee more than $120 million in additional state funding for senior programs next fiscal year, more than double the governor's proposal, without the need to outsource the Pennsylvania Lottery.

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