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State making progress toward horse racing solution

(Nov 09, 2015)

Progress continues toward preserving horse racing in PA

(Oct 30, 2015)

Decision to withhold charter payments is correct one

(Oct 22, 2015)

Republican plan would weaken public health and safety for political gain

(Oct 20, 2015)

Dermody celebrates opening of new Hulton Bridge

(Oct 20, 2015)

House vote on revenue package builds momentum for budget

(Oct 07, 2015)

SW legislators urge ATI, USW to continue contract negotiations

(Sep 30, 2015)

Veto of stopgap measure clears way for return to serious budget negotiations

(Sep 29, 2015)

House Democrats united, oppose ill-advised temporary budget

(Sep 24, 2015)

Dermody decries Republican obstruction on budget

(Sep 17, 2015)