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2018 Capitol Scenes Calendar

(8 hours ago)

Legislators Announce Agenda for Women’s Health

(Dec 12, 2017)

Frankel, health advocates: Obamacare open enrollment starts Wednesday, Nov. 1; Opportunity to get covered or find a better plan

(Oct 30, 2017)

Equality Caucus: Shame on Pa. senators for putting transgender kids at risk

(Oct 18, 2017)

Frankel: Trump health care sabotage means higher premiums, less coverage

(Oct 13, 2017)

PA SAFE Caucus calls for meaningful action following Las Vegas shooting

(Oct 04, 2017)
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Frankel Stands up for Crime Victims

(Sep 26, 2017)

Frankel urges Congress to pass comprehensive DREAM Act in light of President Trump’s ‘callous’ decision to end DACA

(Sep 06, 2017)

Frankel, Wheatley, colleagues, faith leaders call for action on Pa. hate-crimes legislation

(Aug 21, 2017)

Frankel renews call to strengthen Pa. hate crimes law in light of Charlottesville tragedy

(Aug 14, 2017)