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Free shredding event: May 11

(Apr 26, 2019)

Galloway introduces legislation ensuring quality homebuilding materials, combatting water damage in homes

(Apr 11, 2019)

Senator Santarsiero, Representatives Warren and Galloway Announce Grant for Morrisville Fire Company

(Mar 28, 2019)

Galloway honors Hibernian Heritage Month with House resolution

(Mar 12, 2019)

Galloway taking action against harassment and discrimination in the workplace

(Feb 25, 2019)

House Democrats fight to protect your right to work without fear

(Feb 11, 2019)

Galloway named Democratic chairman of House Commerce Committee

(Jan 07, 2019)

Galloway sworn in for a seventh term as state representative

(Jan 01, 2019)

2019 Capitol Scenes Calendar

(Nov 29, 2018)