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Pennsylvania becomes 23rd state to offer online voter registration

(Sep 03, 2015)

Labor-Related News and Upcoming Activity from the House Labor & Industry Committee

(Sep 03, 2015)

PennDOT Heavy Equipment Auction for Municipalities begins Aug. 26

(Aug 21, 2015)

Investment needed in career and technical education in Pennsylvania

(Jun 12, 2015)

Gergely, Kortz vote to help Pennsylvania homeowners reduce property taxes

(May 12, 2015)

Gergely: Investment in career and technical education vital to Pennsylvania’s future

(May 11, 2015)

Trout stocking schedules available on Gergely’s website

(Feb 06, 2015)
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Gergely named labor committee minority chair in Pennsylvania House

(Jan 08, 2015)

Gergely appointed Democratic chairman of Labor and Industry Committee

(Jan 07, 2015)

Hope for Hannah legislation becomes law

(Dec 28, 2014)