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Our office provides careful analyses of state budget related legislation and issues presented here as budget briefings, fast facts, primers, spreadsheets and other material to help you understand how the state budget impacts the lives of all Pennsylvanians. Check back here for new materials from the time the governor presents an executive budget proposal to the General Assembly in early February through enactment of a new state spending plan in June and throughout the summer and fall as more detailed analyses are completed and posted.

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Updated: 12/12/2014 - Posted: 02/28/2011

About the Committee

The full House Committee on Appropriations is composed of 35 members, currently 14 Democrats and 21 Republicans. Each caucus separately elects a majority and minority chair. Beginning with the 2011/12 legislative session, Representative Joe Markosek from Allegheny County is the Democratic Chair of this Committee.

The Committee meets regularly while the House is in session to consider fiscal-related matters and conducts budget hearings each spring to review and evaluate the Governor's Executive Budget proposal. In accordance with House Rules, the Committee also evaluates legislative proposals for fiscal implications prior to voting a bill out of Committee.

The Committee plays a pivotal role in forming recommendations for budget/fiscal related matters and is integrally involved in the annual budget process. A professional staff serves the General Assembly providing in-depth analysis of how fiscal policy affects the delivery of government programs and services.


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