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Matzie encourages local business and organization to apply for the ACE program

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Matzie raising awareness about rheumatoid disease and its connection to the heart

(Jan 29, 2016)

House adopts Matzie resolution to honor Old Economy’s anniversary

(Jan 27, 2016)
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Penn. lawmaker's resolution calls on Congress to lift ban on sports betting

(Jan 13, 2016)

Matzie encouraged by committee hearing on resolution that would urge feds to lift sports betting ban

(Jan 12, 2016)

Matzie speaks out about Norfolk Southern as a target of a hostile takeover

(Dec 16, 2015)

Matzie’s legislation would ask feds to allow states to make up their own minds about sports betting

(Dec 11, 2015)

Matzie: House needs to get back to work, compromise on budget

(Dec 11, 2015)

Matzie announces grant to assist victims of child sex abuse

(Dec 10, 2015)

House adopts Matzie resolution to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer

(Oct 28, 2015)

Matzie: Budget compromise that both parties support is needed

(Oct 07, 2015)