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Matzie offers resolution honoring Pennsylvania wines and wineries

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Matzie votes no on pension bill that fails to reduce the deficit, harms workers

(Jun 30, 2015)

Matzie votes no on budget that fails the state

(Jun 27, 2015)

Matzie offers resolution honoring Ed Hill on his retirement

(Jun 22, 2015)

Matzie acknowledges progress in ethane cracker plant plan

(Jun 22, 2015)
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Matzie offers bill to address honey regulations, identity standards

(Jun 16, 2015)

Matzie introduces legislation to strengthen Pennsylvania honey industry

(Jun 15, 2015)

Matzie commends Wolf for waiving clearance check fees for volunteers

(Jun 10, 2015)

Matzie: Freight rail is the economic engine that keeps the country moving

(Apr 20, 2015)

Matzie resolution honors the amputee community

(Mar 31, 2015)

Matzie applauds advancement of potentially lifesaving legislation

(Mar 30, 2015)