Rep. Gerald Mullery
119th Legislative District
Luzerne County
I'm working to eliminate school property taxes

I have joined a bipartisan coalition of state legislators who support the Property Tax Independence Act, a proposal to completely replace school district property taxes.

Ever-increasing property taxes is one of the top issues of my constituents, whether it's senior trying to get by on a fixed income or a young family that cannot afford their monthly mortgage payment because of the property tax escrow.

House Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76 would eliminate all school property taxes with a small increase in the sales tax, and by expanding the amount of taxable items. It also would require a small increase in the state income tax and use some existing gaming revenue.

Itís a fairer way to fund education because itís based on oneís ability to pay.

I know the plan will work because it is based on a thorough analysis that was conducted by the Independent Fiscal Office. The analysis gave us the details to build on the concept of what was needed to replace the outdated, regressive property tax.

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