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2015-16 state budget plan would deliver schools that teach, jobs that pay and government that works

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(Apr 23, 2015)

State budget hearings wrap up with testimony from state system colleges and more

(Mar 27, 2015)

Pa.’s new child protection laws

(Mar 20, 2015)

O’Brien bill would ease the burden of student loan debt

(Mar 19, 2015)

Education, health, police and more testify during week 2 of budget hearings

(Mar 19, 2015)

State budget hearings begin

(Mar 12, 2015)

House clears bill to curtail cyber bullying

(Feb 23, 2015)

Improving health care in Pennsylvania

(Feb 18, 2015)

O’Brien will serve on House Ethics Committee

(Jan 21, 2015)

O'Brien takes oath to serve 175th Legislative District for fifth term

(Jan 06, 2015)