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House clears bill to ensure fairness for city fire paramedics

(Jul 12, 2016)

Lethal ideology – time to act on gun safety measures

(Jul 11, 2016)

State budget funds education, human services

(Jul 01, 2016)

House hurls women's rights, women's health to dark ages

(Jun 21, 2016)

For Father’s Day and families, raise the minimum wage

(Jun 20, 2016)
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O’Brien: GOP Cat-in-the-Bag Tactics Bring Shame

(Apr 06, 2016)

Women's health care in jeopardy

(Apr 06, 2016)

Contact my office for help with all your state-related needs

(Mar 21, 2016)

House clears medical marijuana bill

(Mar 16, 2016)
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O'Brien: How Does Government Serve Us at the End of the Day?

(Mar 10, 2016)