State Rep. Dwight Evans



Evans says governor's proposal short on jobs

Will introduce 'Made in Pennsylvania Jobs' bills


HARRISBURG, Feb. 8 State Rep. Dwight Evans, D-Phila., today announced a package of bills designed to create a business climate that will create jobs throughout Pennsylvania.

"I was disappointed with Governor Corbett this week," Evans said. "He talks about job creation and being business-friendly but he has not yet proposed anything that would create those jobs.

"I will introduce four bills which I believe will create hundreds of jobs in the short term and sustain even more over time," Evans said.

Evans has proposed four bills:

       House Bill 2181: Manufacturing Tax Incentives would provide tax incentives for qualified manufacturing or qualified suppliers that create or retain jobs in Pennsylvania. A qualified manufacturing facility would be permitted to retain 50 percent of the withholding tax from retained jobs for a period of 10 years. A qualified supplier would retain all withholding taxes from new jobs for a period of three years (or for five years if the supplier pays wages equal to or greater than 120 percent of the industry average wage). The total aggregate amount of the retained withholding tax from this program would not be allowed to exceed $35 million per year.

       House Bill 2182: Construction and Renovation Tax Credit would provide a 10 percent construction and renovation tax credit for hotels and resorts on the first $500 million spent on construction in each of the next three years, following enactment.

       House Bill 2183: Renewable Energy Jobs Income Tax Credit would provide an income tax credit of $2,000 for each renewable-energy job created for the year after the job was created and for two succeeding years, if the job remains filled.

       House Bill 2184: Clean Energy Jobs Tax Credit would allow a $500 income tax credit for the creation of "clean energy" jobs created for the taxable year in which the job has been filled for at least one year and for each of the four succeeding taxable years, provided the job is continuously filled during those years. Each taxpaying business would be allowed a credit for up to 350 new clean energy jobs. Virginia passed a version of this legislation in 2010.

Corbett presented his $27 billion spending proposal to the General Assembly Tuesday, slashing public and higher education funding.

"This makes no sense," Evans said. "The governor talks about jobs and creating the climate for jobs but he damages the very institutions from where those workers will come."

Evans said the governor's budget address included the line, "if there is a job to fill in a new or existing industry, we are determined to put that career opportunity into the hands of a Pennsylvanian."

"That's all well and good for a speech but where is the investment in Pennsylvania's children so they are prepared to take on those jobs? Why is the governor cutting funding to basic education? Why is he reducing funding to our institutions of higher education? Where are the details on what or where those jobs will be? Where is the actual investment in Pennsylvania's future," Evans asked.