Latest News

Busy week with Shred Event, Meet & Greets and Job and Career Fair; REAL ID enforcement extended; and Right to Try bill signed into law

(Oct 12, 2017)

Ravenstahl’s Job and Career Fair set for Oct. 12 at West View VFW

(Oct 06, 2017)

Right to Try bill heads to governor! Oct. 10 is registration deadline for Nov. 7 General Election

(Oct 04, 2017)

Committee advances Ravenstahl bill bolstering chiropractic programs, interns

(Sep 27, 2017)

Sept. 29 senior health fair at Metowers Apartments; Beware of flood-damaged cars; Persian Gulf Vets' Bonus Program expires in 2018

(Sep 20, 2017)

Shred event on Oct. 7 and Job and Career Fair on Oct. 12; Banning devious charities; and how to detect gas pump credit card skimmers

(Sep 19, 2017)

Veterans deserve income exclusion for Pa. programs; New newsletter available online; Bellevue's birthday; and saying no to hate crimes

(Sep 13, 2017)

Help hurricane victims with donations to trustworthy groups; Tips to thwart credit card skimmers; and new DUI law in effect

(Aug 30, 2017)

Liberty Bridge, outbound tunnel closing Aug. 25 for weekend project; Beat the Sept. 1 credit-rate increase on Guaranteed Savings Plan

(Aug 24, 2017)

HB 1737 aims to bolster chiropractic programs, interns; $1 fishing licenses available for Labor Day

(Aug 22, 2017)