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“What was that!” exclaims state Rep. Rozzi after Senate Judiciary hearing

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Lawmaker, a clergy abuse victim, protests legislative inaction from cathedral steps

(Jul 19, 2016)

Berks County Environmental Groups Approved for $470k State Investment, Sen. Schwank, Reps. Caltagirone, Rozzi Announce

(Jul 01, 2016)

Sen. Schwank, Reps. Caltagirone, Rozzi Announce Nearly $1 Million State Investment to Improve Skyline Drive

(Jul 01, 2016)
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Rozzi Stands Up for Victims

(Jun 28, 2016)

We stand by our vote for statute of limitations reform

(Jun 22, 2016)
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Rozzi rallies for victims after Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

(Jun 14, 2016)
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Lawmakers consider raising age limits in child sex abuse lawsuits

(Jun 13, 2016)
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Statute of limitations on child sex abuse argued in Pa. Senate hearing

(Jun 13, 2016)

Radio Times: Push to loosen the statute of limitations on Pa. child sex abuse cases

(Jun 03, 2016)

Rozzi shines a Spotlight on statutes of limitation reform panel

(May 20, 2016)