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Neilson raises awareness about dyslexia, effective interventions

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Neilson applauds passage of payroll debit card legislation

(1 day ago)
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Neilson Fights For Dyslexia Awareness

(Oct 19, 2016)

Neilson: BLOCS donation will help students throughout Philadelphia region access quality education

(Sep 27, 2016)

Neilson and Dawkins fight to give poll workers a raise for Election Day

(Sep 21, 2016)
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ROOSEVELT BLVD.: Can Speed Cameras Tame America’s Most Dangerous Highway?

(Sep 19, 2016)

Summer 2016 Newsletter

(Aug 11, 2016)
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Neilson: Don't Reward Nuisance Bars

(Jun 24, 2016)

Neilson: VGTs would harm Philadelphia and surrounding communities

(Jun 22, 2016)

Neilson announces Property Tax/Rent Rebate deadline extension

(Jun 06, 2016)

Neilson to host SEPTA Key photo ID event

(May 23, 2016)