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Schlossberg’s mental health legislation headed to governor

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Local firefighters union Allentown 302 president speaks against PTSD

(1 day ago)

Schlossberg Recognizes Adrenoleukodystrophy Awareness Month in Pennsylvania

(Oct 17, 2018)
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Suicide prevention and mental health services bill passes Senate

(Oct 17, 2018)

Schlossberg: House passes mental health legislation

(Oct 09, 2018)

Schlossberg: Mental health bill moving to full House

(Sep 24, 2018)
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Business leaders discuss the opioid epidemic

(Sep 14, 2018)
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Allentown mom pushes for cameras on school buses to catch drivers who don't stop

(Aug 26, 2018)

Public Sector Job Fair

(Aug 21, 2018)

Schweyer, Schlossberg and McNeill to co-host Sept. 6 government jobs fair in Allentown

(Aug 21, 2018)

Capitol Update (Parkland Version)

(Aug 15, 2018)