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Snyder announces 2019 office hours, locations in effect Jan. 1

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Protecting yourself from ticks, celebrating Ice Cream month and more!

(Jul 18, 2019)

Snyder: Nearly $1 million in funding awarded to Greene County to provide, expand affordable housing options

(Jul 11, 2019)

Summer safety, PTRR reminder and more!

(Jul 11, 2019)

PA Farm Bill signs into law, upcoming PennDOT job fairs and more!

(Jul 03, 2019)

Snyder: PA Farm Bill package signed into law

(Jul 01, 2019)

Snyder: Budget agreement is a win for the people of Pa.

(Jul 01, 2019)

Broadband, budget and more!

(Jun 27, 2019)

Snyder announces passage of broadband bill

(Jun 20, 2019)

Pa Farm Bill passes!

(Jun 20, 2019)

Snyder announces passage of bill included in PA Farm Bill package

(Jun 18, 2019)