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Snyder announces 2019 office hours, locations in effect Jan. 1

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Mental health bill moves forward

(May 16, 2019)

Snyder announces $23,247 in grants to expand breakfast for students in Bethlehem-Center, Carmichaels school districts

(May 16, 2019)

Broadband news, lobbyist legislation, and more!

(May 09, 2019)

Snyder announces approval of broadband bill in committee

(May 06, 2019)

Snyder proposes to require lobbyists to complete ethics and discrimination training

(May 06, 2019)

Snyder announces nearly $313,000 in local fire department, EMS grants

(May 03, 2019)

Snyder announces school safety grant for West Greene School District

(May 02, 2019)

Coal Queen visits the state Capitol

(May 02, 2019)

Snyder: State grants to fund improved rail service in Greene, Fayette counties

(Apr 30, 2019)

Electronics collections to be offered May 1

(Apr 25, 2019)