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First public hearing on tax issues held

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Wheatley: Enroll at HealthCare.gov by December 15!

(Dec 05, 2017)

PLBC calls Pa. gun violence a public health crisis like opioids, demands action

(Nov 28, 2017)

House adopts Wheatley/Gainey resolution recognizing November 2017 as "Food Insecurity Month" across the state.

(Nov 21, 2017)

Honoring Wendell Freeland; Website links seniors with local services; and Giving thanks and counting our blessings

(Nov 21, 2017)
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Wheatley: Everyone Deserves a Thanksgiving

(Nov 20, 2017)

Wheatley and University of Pittsburgh to hold ceremony to honor Advocates for African-American Students

(Nov 06, 2017)

Heating aid via LIHEAP opens Nov. 1; Finding Open Enrollment help for health care before the Dec. 15 deadline

(Oct 24, 2017)

The firestorm next time: Pa. ill-prepared for next recession or budget

(Oct 23, 2017)

Wheatley leads effort for gas drillers to help close budget hole

(Oct 18, 2017)

Pa. House GOP leaders, Trump White House double down on formula for failure

(Oct 11, 2017)