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Wheatley: Bill would provide emergency relief to affected workers during COVID-19 pandemic

(Apr 02, 2020)

PITTSBURGH, April 2 – In an effort to provide widespread help to essential workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, state Rep. Jake Wheatley has introduced a measure that would provide multiple levels of assistance. Wheatley, D-Allegheny, said H.B. 2380 would include the following: Provide additional wages to essential workers, including those who make less than $15 an hour. Ban employers from requiring employees to use their Paid Time Off directly preceding a layoff due to a health emergency. Suspend all mortgage and rent payments for workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic (beginning April 1, 2020, and ending one month following the end of the state emergency declaration). Landlords would be able to apply for reimbursement for lost rent during this period. Forgiveness of student loans in full for essential employees who work more than 150 hours during the outbreak (with proof of essential employee status and hours worked). The legislation would be paid for by a general bond not to exceed $10 billion, Wheatley added. “Right now, we are living in unprecedented, uncertain times, and it’s vital we take action and respond to the immediate needs of residents who have been impacted by this pandemic, due to their work or the loss of their jobs,” Wheatley said. “We have an opportunity to provide and support thousands of Pennsylvanians during this challenging time, and I urge my Read more

Wheatley introduces bill to protect public school districts from lawsuits due to COVID-19 related operational changes

(Mar 31, 2020)

PITTSBURGH, March 31 – Public school districts statewide have had to make significant adjustments in how they educate students during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and state Rep. Jake Wheatley said his measure would help protect districts from frivolous lawsuits. Wheatley, D-Allegheny, said that House Bill 2375 would prevent legal actions against districts for operational changes that they have had to make due to the coronavirus pandemic in the current 2019-20 school year. “A school district’s primary job is to educate students – and many districts have had to be flexible in implementing ways to continue to teach, due to the restrictions that many families face,” Wheatley said. “My goal is to ensure that these districts can continue to operate as best as they can without fearing legal action due to a situation completely out of their control.” Wheatley added that his effort isn’t an attempt to restrict parents’ rights, but to help protect the state’s public school districts during a vulnerable time. Read more

First responder aid bill has Ravenstahl’s support

(Mar 31, 2020)

Bill would provide grants to fire, EMS companies to help with ongoing crisis Read more

Pennsylvanians’ reproductive rights under attack amid pandemic

(Mar 30, 2020)

Lawmaker urges Wolf to defend families’ rights from cynical attacks Read more

Kulik introduces legislation that would extend deadline to remit sales tax

(Mar 24, 2020)

HARRISBURG, March 24 – Hoping to relieve the economic strain placed on all non-life sustaining businesses forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state Rep. Anita Kulik, D-Allegheny, has introduced legislation that would extend the date by which businesses would have to remit sales tax. “We’re in a situation that has called for unfortunate yet necessary measures to help curb the spread of COVID-19,” Kulik said. “Businesses have taken a hit as a result and are forced to deal with a sudden loss of income. This legislation would help them retain a source of income they’d otherwise miss out on due to COVID-19.” Kulik said the legislation would give businesses an extra 45 days to remit their sales taxes to the state Department of Revenue, ensuring they have time to remit their sales tax while still requiring their payments during the current fiscal year. This legislation is expected to be considered by House members in the near future. Read more

The world has changed a lot in the last few weeks

(Mar 24, 2020)

A column to the people of the Pittsburgh region. Read more

Miller, ACHDD seek to support school districts, families, first responders and small businesses during outbreak

(Mar 13, 2020)

HARRISBURG, March 13 – State Rep. Dan Miller, chairman of the Allegheny County House Democratic Delegation, and fellow ACHDD members on Friday announced their legislative priorities to support Pennsylvania during the coronavirus outbreak, including the need to support low-income and working-class families without paid family leave or the ability to work from home. Miller, as well as state Reps. Austin Davis, Dan Deasy, Tony DeLuca, House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody, Dan Frankel, Ed Gainey, Sara Innamorato, Bill Kortz, Anita Kulik, Summer Lee, Brandon Markosek, Adam Ravenstahl, Harry Readshaw and Jake Wheatley issued the following statement in response to Friday’s statewide school closure: “The delegation, first and foremost, wants to be supportive of the school districts during this time. It is clear that both they and the governor are motivated by an abundance of concern for the health and safety of both their students and staff. We respect their decision and will work to support their needs in Harrisburg. However, while the closure may have been a necessary step, it is not without its subsequent challenges -- and those challenges must be addressed by the legislature. “At a minimum, in order to help people across Pennsylvania, Harrisburg should prioritize the following items for discussion and vote: Paid family leave legislation. Emergency funding for childcare support. Assistance for Read more

Matzie issues statement on news Beaver Valley Power Station will remain open

(Mar 13, 2020)

AMBRIDGE, March 13 – State Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, issued the following statement today in response to news that Energy Harbor Corp. is rescinding deactivation notices for the Beaver Valley Power Station – a move that will allow the plant to continue operating. “Obviously, this is great news,” Matzie said. “I’ve been at the forefront of the effort to keep Beaver Valley open, and I couldn’t be happier for the employees. “In addition to fighting for Beaver Valley, I’ve worked closely with my colleagues to find solutions to the challenges facing our commonwealth’s largest clean energy source. As the co-chair of the Nuclear Caucus and Democratic chair of the House Consumer Affairs Committee, it’s fantastic to see those efforts bear fruit. “But, to be clear, this isn’t a win for me – it’s a win for Beaver County and the workers and communities that I represent.” Read more

Ravenstahl to close district office starting Monday

(Mar 13, 2020)

State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, D-Allegheny, today said his district offices will be closed to the public starting Monday. Read more

Matzie announces offices closed to the public

(Mar 13, 2020)

AMBRIDGE, March 13 – State Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, has announced that his Ambridge district office, located at 1240 Merchant St., and his satellite office in Aliquippa, located at the Franklin Center of Beaver County, 524 Franklin Ave., will close to the public temporarily as a safety measure as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response effort. “Although closing our offices to the public during business hours is something we never like to do, we’re taking this step in the interest of public safety,” Matzie said. “We’ve chosen to do so in an abundance of caution to minimize the risk of exposure to residents and to follow recommendations by the governor and state health authorities.” Matzie added that the staff will remain available by calling (724) 266-7774 or emailing . Read more