PA lawmakers form Progressive Caucus

Focusing on prioritizing people over profit, fighting social inequality

HARRISBURG, May 23 – The Pennsylvania Progressive Caucus has officially formed in the state House of Representatives boasting 34 members and growing. Members have elected state Reps. Emily Kinkead, Elizabeth Fiedler, Rick Krajewski, Izzy Smith-Wade-El and Chris Rabb to its five-person leadership board. They released the following statement:

“For too long, political corruption and corporate interests have obstructed progress in Harrisburg, resulting in the Pennsylvania General Assembly being one of the least productive legislatures in the United States. While this lack of progress harms almost everyone in our Commonwealth, our most marginalized communities are hit the hardest.

“As members of the Pennsylvania Progressive Caucus, we will be wielding our collective power as lawmakers to change this status quo by fighting for policies that prioritize working people over corporate interests, fight economic and social inequality, advance civil liberties, and ensure justice in every aspect of the lives of Pennsylvanians. We are dedicated to building an economy that prioritizes people over profit.

“We are dedicated to welcoming colleagues who share our values of equity, intersectionality, transparency, accountability and public integrity. We are committed to creating a more equitable society and improving the lives of all Pennsylvanians. Specifically, we recognize the need for immediate changes to improve the minimum wage, criminal justice system and workers’ rights. We believe that health care, housing, and a safe, clean environment are human rights. Our new group is eager to pursue material changes in these areas and beyond.”