Davis applauds state’s rollout of funding to assist counties in purchasing new voting systems

HARRISBURG, July 9 – State Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny, today released the following statement on Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement that Pennsylvania will issue a bond to assist counties with purchasing new voting systems:

“Today our state’s making a move to best protect, verify and accurately record voting in Pennsylvania. This is a move that was much needed, and I was excited to hear the governor announce that bonds will be issued to assist commonwealth counties in purchasing these new voting systems.

“With the purchasing of these systems comes enhanced security that will help guard against hacking and produce an anonymous paper trail so voters can verify their choices before casting their ballot. It also will help officials conduct accurate recounts and audits.

“These are issues that have affected the voting process for some time and most recently have been aggressively debated in the media. By rolling out the roughly $90 million in funding for our respective counties, we’re ensuring every county will be protected from voting issues and further enhance Pennsylvania’s chances of clear, accurate and issue-free elections.

“In addition, the commonwealth’s funding will drastically reduce the need for the use of local property tax money to purchase these systems, which in the end will be saving residents money, something of which I think we can get all agree is a positive.

“Providing the safe and secure administration of elections in Pennsylvania is a top priority, so I’m encouraged to see the governor take necessary action to get the job done.”